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      * DOLLS

      Jinjiang Jialong Toys Co.,Ltd.

      AddNo.9, 9/D, Anping Develop Area,

      Quanzhou, Fujian, China 362261

      Tel86 595 85791155

      Fax86 595 85789126


      ABOUT US

      Jinjiang Jialong Toys Co.,Ltd. was found in 1993, a Chinese-Foreign joint venture company with total investment of RMB 25millions, located in No.9, 9/D, Anping Develop Area, Quanzhou, Fujian, China 

      Our company has workshop and dormitory building over 13,000 Sq.M. total 7 floors of workshop, to equip with the department of injection molding, assembly, vinyl and logistics. A 8-floors administrative building equips with office, engineering department, testing department, samples room, training section and activity section. We are specializing in dolls, baby toys, intellective toys and different program, sound-control, B/O toys with advanced producing equipments and faultless checking apparatus, all our products have passed EN-71, ASTM, EN62115, EMC, 3C etc,. can reach the different standards of European and American countries. 

      The quality principle of our company is based on “Pioneering & Innovation, Keep improving, Stringent screening and Sincere service”, with various products developing and market investigating professionals, to equip with various advanced & high accuracy equipments, we supply good quality productions to our customers. we seek excellence on administration, carry out the management philosophy of “Solidarity, Consecration, Honest and Sharing”. 

      Since the company was established, it has been devoted to developing toys’ business, to strengthen quality control unceasingly, controlling the quality strictly, improving technology level, seeking for products diversity and new items, with flawless quality control level. We pay attention to growing intangible assets, come into being the management philosophy of “Market investigation, New items’ Design & development, Quality control and Sales serve”. 

      We are the protagonist of Canton Fair, Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nurnberg ect., who accumulated abundant fair experiences and many customers, we have long-term business relationship with many customers from all over the world.

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